At Recipe SLP, we examine the literature to report the purpose, target population, and foundational steps for procedures used to manage communication impairments across the lifespan. Additionally, we explain variations and modifications that can expand the usefulness of the procedure. Based on our own clinical experience, we provide tips, suggestions, and sample exchanges that help clinicians feel confident in their implementation of the procedures. Each guide includes a brief up-to-date summary of the evidence supporting each treatment and a bibliography with active links to online research articles, conference presentations, and relevant websites.

Reicpe SLP is the speech-language pathologist's source for affordable evidence-based guides to the science and practice behind specific clinical procedures. We are committed to helping SLPs transfer knowledge between science and practice. Our guides summarize the methods and evidence for procedures used by SLPs to address communication challenges resulting from impairments in speech, language, hearing, and cognition across the lifespan. Recipe SLP prioritizes culturally relevant practice in speech-language pathology and considers the applicability of clinical procedures for culturally-linguistically diverse populations.