The Aphasia Series bundle is "worth every penny" and a "Great resource! Very good explanations for both rationale and procedure, as well as s/s that might be appropriate to choose treatment approach. Great value!" (Amazon 5 star review from bd)

"This is an outstanding, evidence-based step-by-step tool we've found very helpful in our clinic! It has improved our consistency of service delivery, and we love it. Type your paragraph here." (Amazon 5 star review from Grace)

"I purchased the set of 3 of these aphasia treatment books. They are written for the professional, and are excellent. Research-based, yet steps and information is broken down into easy to follow format. Excellent resource for clinicians. It isn't a "cookbook", but no good therapy materials are. It provides a good foundation for the clinician to apply when treating." (Amazon 5 star review from bd)

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